site redesign launched!

After a bit over a year and a half with the original design, it was time to give the website a fresh new design and logo. The old layout was getting a bit…old, so to speak, and a new design was in the works for a while. After launching the new logo on the various social networks, today marks the official launch of the site redesign.
This is the new logo for those who have missed it:

We are working on much more than just the site and logo redesign behind the scenes: stay tuned for that. One hint: we will be launching our very own newsletter soon, so be sure to subscribe to be the first to get all the hot email marketing news!
Currently the new theme should be working fine in current browsers (including mobile) and if you notice any glitches or such, let us know in the comments.
For now, thanks for being with us, and we hope to have you coming back for many more posts on email marketing designs, insights, news and interviews!

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