Hi all!

Welcome to my new blog – It’s my crispy new place out here in the online world to talk about email, email marketing and anything related. To make some basic things clear from the start I’ve come up with an interview, so hopefully I can shed some light on this new adventure of mine.


I was already writing my personal stuff on, but that’s in Dutch. As I saw in the cheap jerseys website stats in the past years, lots of traffic was coming from outside of The Netherlands (about 60% sometimes, even). In this cheap jerseys China case I wanted to offer my musings on email and email marketing on a personal space in English too. Hence the founding of Another reason is that I like writing very much, especially about my favourite subjects: one of them being email. Having a personal international space online is just the thing for me in this case.

Does this mean you will stop blogging for other international sites/blogs?

Rest assured, I will keep blogging for the other sites: The Email Guide, The Email Zoo and will not lose me. This is just a personal platform for me: no more, no less.

So it will be just a copy of, but in English, right?

No, will focus more on the stuff going on in The Netherlands itself, while will focus on worldwide happenings, trends and news. If you understand Dutch (or like to Google Translate Dutch to English) you will appreciate both. Otherwise, keep an eye on this one.

Any examples of what we can expect?

Many cheap nfl jerseys examples, even: stuff from the frontend of email, be it email clients and their development and shortcomings, email design, mobile email and how the receiving end works but also the ‘backend’: email technology, deliverability, campaign management and much, much more. On top wholesale mlb jerseys of that, all things related will be posted too: the way social media works La with email, online marketing trends and such.

Social media is hot. Or at least, everyone is writing about it. Will this be a subject too?

Yes it will, but with a clear vision: it has always been here, but not as massive and easily accessible as it is now. Lots of things have been hyped but are normal nowadays: mobile internet, gps navigation, touch screens and more. Social media will fall into that category soon.

Any goals set with like money, fame, chicks?

Yes, goals have been set, but none of the above (I’m not single ladies, sorry!): my primary goal is to add my insights on the email industry, inform about developments, point out stuff I deem interesting for other email heads and maybe entertain a little once in a while. If that goal is met, I’ll be a happy person.

Any tech info?

Sure. This site is based on WordPress 3. Backend is MySQL. There’s some hardware hanging out somewhere serving all Takip of this to you and me: it’s not mine so I don’t know any GET?RMEK details. Theme is Thunderbolt by Empire Themes. Still tweaking it, not sure if I’ll keep it.

If anyone has further questions, remarks, tips etc where should they go?

Three options (I love choices):

– The comment section below this post.

– Twitter: find me here and @ me, it’s that simple.

– Public is a bit too public? Send me a good old email – remy Your at

Thank you.

No worries.

Keep on emailin’,

Remy Bergsma

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