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Since the launch of this blog (way back in August last year which feels like forever) several areas of email marketing have been covered. Both good and bad examples of email marketing messages, email clients and browsers info, deliverability and several other news posts have been done since then: the time has come for a more structured and focussed form of posting. This way, the quality per post will go up and all areas will be more evenly covered.
The structure will be following a monday – wednesday – friday schedule for posts, where monday will be reserved for insights into email marketing topics, wednesday for news roundups and friday for a winner/failure post: an example of good or bad email marketing in whatever way possible. This will be a test for a set period of time and if it works out, I will stick with it: if not it will be killed off.
Lastly, for everyone who has been visiting, linking to and commenting on this blog: thank you – so far it has been great to write on all those various email marketing topics and get into contact with fellow email geeks and discuss lots of things.

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