Yesmail benchmark study: mobile opens up, other metrics lag behind

According to a new Yesmail benchmark study, email opens on mobile are up. The data involved in the research spans a period of Q2 2013 to Q2 2014. Mobile email opens are at 64.5%, while desktop opens are at 35.5%. It’s not all great news for mobile though.
Opens may be at a high point at twice the desktop opens, but clickthroughs are lagging behind. The click-to-open rate sat at a mere 9.3% in Q2 2014 for mobile, while desktop’s click-to-open rate is at a healthy 22.6%.
Reasons for mobile’s CTO lagging compared to the desktop CTO can be the ‘on-the-go’ consumers who view emails on their smartphones, as well as the actual experience of email on mobile not being the best possible.
Mobile conversions therefor seem to be the biggest challenge for marketers at the moment, when it comes to the email marketing channel. Mobile conversions are at 1.8%, while desktop conversions are at 2.7%.
Lastly, the number of mobile purchases are up, but revenue per purchase has lowered. Mobile now has 22% of all sales from email, but revenue per order dropped from $79 to $55.
Read more about the study on the Yesmail blog here.

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