Vimeo email marketing: subtle and friendly

Vimeo, the ‘other’ online video platform besides YouTube, is doing pretty well in the subtle email marketing department. Having a look at a Vimeo email marketing, I selected one of their recent newsletters.
Here’s their recent newsletter which had the following subject line:
“Which video won $100,000? (And other cool stuff.)”
What’s good about the above email is that, even though it has a clean layout, the content is presented just neatly enough to be attractive. For instance, there’s no black in the email save for the Vimeo logo itself. Black makes content look harsh, but don’t forget there’s no true black in nature (see also Design tip: Never use black by Ian Storm Taylor). Promoting the winner of $100,000, the fact that they are now available in French and German as well as availability on Xb0x 360 makes that they’re spreading their wings without screaming for attention.
The way the Vimeo email marketing department communicates here is far more friendly than quite some companies do these days. Let’s hope other companies can also find a more subtle, friendlier tone of voice in their email marketing messages.


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