Valentine's Day: email seductions

Valentine’s Day is now behind us, and on that day I did a special check on my email accounts whether anything fun, special or different was done by retailers. Some did fun subject lines like Zappos: ‘Make Your Escape! Get free shipping, too!’ which made me smile. Also, Victoria’s Secret did it their way, with a teasing subject line: ‘Just one little question…’. The email content:

A bit cheesy as subject line and content, but still fun: and an offer code was put in too as well. Worth your time, right?
Dell failed sadly, not only misspelling a subject line but also showing inconsistency in the email content. The subject line was ‘Open dit bericht en ontdek hou Dell het verschil voor U wil maken’ where the ‘hou’ should be a ‘hoe’. Clumsy, as well as the rating of the product:

Average score of 5 out of 5 by customers (wow!) but the it’s a 4 out of 5 star graphic. Huh? Confused I am. Also, they are offering 5% extra online off orders, but only for orders € 799 and up while the advertised laptops are from € 449. A big difference which means you’ll first have to order quite a serious laptop before you get 5% off. Still, that’s about € 40 when ordering a € 799 laptop so it could be worth it.
All in all, it seems most retailers were pretty on the safe side during Valentine’s Day, or not testing: same old, same old. Moving on to the next big holiday: Easter.

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