Twitter New Year email for Business: simple and animated

twitter-new-year-business-email-campaignThis Twitter New Year email dropped in my inbox today at around 14:00. This is CET, so that’s 8AM in east coast USA. Great work in maxing out response probability by timing this inbox placement!
In any case, the email is sent from Twitter Business, with the subject line ” Cheers to your business success in 2015!‏ “.
The email itself is well crafted: points are scored for the following things:

  • nice snippet text in the pre-header
  • good title ‘Achieve your business goals..’ after all, it’s all about me, not Twitter
  • One single clear CTA
  • An animation of the how-to video with a CTA to the video

Here’s the full email:

Start a Twitter Ads campaign today   |   View in browser

Twitter for Business

Achieve your business goals with Twitter Ads

Hi @xxxxxxxxxx, we wish your business a prosperous and happy New Year! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to plan for the goals you want to accomplish in 2015. Whether you want more website traffic, more leads, or more visibility for your business, Twitter Ads has the right solution to get you there.Ready to give it a go?

Watch our video to learn more about how to set up Twitter Ads.

 Some might think this is easy and simple, but why should that be a bad thing? People don’t have time to read these days – they want to be clear in a few things in an instant:
  • what is this email about
  • what does it mean for me
  • what is expected from me as a followup action

Twitter succeeds in doing so quite well in this email campaign. This Twitter New Year email for Business shows that Twitter for Business is executing their email marketing quite well. I wonder what the response rate has been so far, within the past few hours. I bet quite a few campaigns have been created already.
Bonus: the title for the email (which shows up in the browser tab in the online version) is ‘Cheers to your business success in 2015!’.


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