Tumblr email marketing: keep it simple stupid, really simple

Wonder how the Tumblr email marketing principle goes? They’ve probably got something like K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) hanging on the walls of the marketing department.
With thanks to Alex Williams of Trendline Interactive for the heads up, here’s the email he received from Tumblr:
Some companies and websites, including social networks take a bit more time to design their email marketing messages, like Pinterest, but they went for the really minimal look in this Tumblr email.
In this case, it just the line ‘Show me some fantastic blogs.’ with the green ‘Go’ button. How much easier do you want your emails? I’m sure quite some people clicked through – they probably haven’t seen such a simple email marketing message in a long time as this one.
This type of messages is not an option for all companies out there. However, for both you as a marketer and for your subscribers it might be a nice break to send out a basic message with inspirational things, instead of that good ol’ newsletter. Who knows, it might be your best performing email ever.
This Tumblr email shows that email designs really don’t need to be complex to work. I would click on that ‘Go’ button, just because I’m curious as to what Tumblr thinks are ‘fantastic blogs’. Alex admitted he didn’t click it, by the way.

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