Top 100 email marketing campaigns of 2014 by Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has recently posted their top 100 email marketing campaigns of 2014. From three million campaigns that have been sent, the Campaign Monitor team has selected their favorites.
The annual Top 100 is a great way to showcase what companies are up to in email marketing. Whether it’s the design, optimization, or otherwise a great campaign: they are included in the round-up.
The favorites are subdivided in Design Leaders, Top Performers, Optimization Experts, Nonconformists and All-stars.
For example, the All-stars section shows those clients who have been consistently sending stylish email campaigns:
Companies included in the top 100 email marketing campaigns of 2014 are Unicef, Saatchi & Saatchi, Realmac, Rapha, Ghost, Agilebits, Hardtofind and Webtype.
If you or a client are looking for some inspiration for a new email marketing campaign in 2015, be sure to check out all the examples in the top 100 email marketing campaigns.
Find out about the top 100 email marketing campaigns of 2014 on the Campaign Monitor website here.
If you’re curious about the campaigns involved in the top 100 of last year, check out this article.
Have you come across an excellent email marketing campaign or a one-off email special in 2014 and want to share it with others? Let us know in the comments.

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