The many faces of a content marketer infographic

If you think a content marketer is just a marketer who produces and distributes content: think again. The content marketer infographic in this article should change your mind.
Content marketer have many faces to accomplish their job. Both in terms of tools and expertise they need to be up to their increasingly demanding job.
In the content marketer infographic below the many faces of a content marketer are described. These include the following:

  • A scientist’s analytical mind, for testing, analyzing and handling data.
  • The copywriter, to know what to write for which audience with which tone of voice.
  • A developer’s mind, for being able to handle the sometimes more technical tools and platforms for marketing (and some HTML and CSS knowledge is always nice).
  • A graphic designer’s eye for the visual creative: be it infographics, videos, slideshows to accompany campaigns.
  • The creative intuition of an artist, for recognizing good ideas and knowing how people think.
  • The nose of a SEO expert, because Google’s rankings need the best presentation of the best content.
  • Investigative skills of a journalist – because trends, opportunities and audiences deserver proper research.
  • A coach’s leadership, as a content marketer dictates strategy and documents performance. When the game changes, different play styles and improvisation are needed.
  • A marathon runner’s legs, because content marketing is a long-run. Endurance, long-term vision are needed for prolonged success.
  • The heart of a philantropist – because giving away content means you will build an audience over time.
  • Your customer’s shoes, because empathy means a content marketer can figure out pain points and buyer persona’s needs and wants.
  • The inspiration of an inventor, as creativity, innovation and brainstorming are paramount to the development of new, interesting content.
  • The ears of a community manager. Because listening to and joining the conversation means you actually interact with the audience. Social media = important for this, regardless of which channel, as long as your audience is there.

Recognize any of the above faces / traits in yourself or one of your colleagues? Good!
Here’s the full content marketer infographic (click for larger version):
As you can see in the content marketer infographic posted above, one must be very resourceful and multi-talented. Just being able to do SEO, to be good at writing or social media doesn’t cut it. The very breadth of tools and trades means a content marketer is a busy person, and needs to be able to focus quickly but also shift that focus rapidly if needed.
Have anything to add to the content marketer infographic above? Let us know in the comments.

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