Survey: What people really want from email marketing campaigns

Wonder what people really want from email marketing campaigns? Then pay attention, as MarketingSherpa has found out just that in a recent survey.
In a survey which was conducted in January, they asked the following question:
In which of the following ways, if any, would you like company emails to change? Please select all that apply.
Take a guess at what scored highest in the results. Guess done? Here we go:
Top result was the fact that people want to receive shorter emails (30%) as opposed to just 1% who want to receive longer emails. Here’s the full chart with the survey data, where you can see what people really want from email marketing campaigns:
The survey results are split up in email marketing topics like promotional, personalization, length, non-promotional, visual, text-only and other.
More promotional emails are welcome, by the way, as opposed to regular content. So keep those offers and specials coming!
Another result is that email campaigns should be more personalized to people’s preferences and behaviour. This was indicated by 29% of the people surveyed.
After these 3 top results, the fourth result was the one about regular content. fewer newsletters, articles, videos and contests are preferred, in this case by 25% of respondents.
On the visual and textual part of things, there was a slight preference for fewer visual emails with images and videos. This was just a few percent above sending more visual emails, so that difference is small.
In case you haven’t noticed, the newsletter does not contain any images except for the logo.
The results came from the survey done in January by Marketingsherpa, about which we posted earlier this month.
The above results don’t mean you have to get your email campaigns all back to the drawing board and make them shorter, more personal, more promotional and less visual: it’s an indication of what people want (1748 people in this case). It’s best to see what changes would work best for your email campaigns and test it thoroughly.
See the full info and results of the survey on the MarketingSherpa website.

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