Silverpop Mobile Connector launched

The Atlanta based marketing automation company has launched a new too: the Silverpop Mobile Connector. It’s a tool for the company’s marketing automation services to better track customer behaviour on mobile devices. silverpop-mobile-connector-mobile-app-marketing-automation-640

Silverpop Mobile Connector: types of behaviour tracked

Behaviours that are tracked include the following:
– installing or opening an app
– completing or abandoning a task
– adding profile data
– reaching a certain level in a game
Next to the above actions and behaviours, the tool also tracks customer loyalty. To do this, the tool creates personalized in-app rewards, automates follow-up via email or SMS text,¬†tracks anonymous and known visitors’ app behavior for segmentation and targeting and creates contact scoring.

Silverpop Mobile Connector: advantages

The following advantages are brought forward by Silverpop for why people should use the tool:
– making personalized experiences for users
– automated marketing programs will create repeat users
– a company app will become a channel that the marketing department can control
– customer interactions outside an app are known to the app, so no more siloed data
A video explaining the Silverpop Mobile Connector is shown below:

There’s also an explanatory video showing how to make the app work: it can be found on Vimeo here.
You can find out more about the tool on the Silverpop website here.


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