Puts Mail, an email marketing campaign test tool

Puts Mail allows you to test your email campaign before you send it out. Email campaign testing tools for email clients are numerous: one of the most well known ones is offered by Litmus but others are available too like the one from Direct Mail. However, Puts Mail is a free tool to test your email campaigns.
Puts Mail has a gallery of tested email campaigns, but if you don’t want your test to be public you can refrain from ticking the box during the test. You can test an email without having to sign up, but a maximum of 10 emails can be sent.
The test page offers these three tips upfront:

  • Do not use JavaScript.
  • Write all css content inside the body. For the best results, CSS should be inline.
  • Make sure all your images are being referenced with absolute, not relative links.

The test page has a nifty trick up its sleeve: when you tick the ‘Check your HTML’ box, all CSS will be put inline during the test. This is necessary for Gmail, which still lags behind all other email clients by not supporting css classes in html emails.
Puts Mail was created by Pablo Cantero, a software engineer who works at Spreecommerce.


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