Personal EEMC invite – but it's not personal

When you use words like personally, taylored content, or such specifics which suggest you (or at least the marketing system you’re using) know a person, don’t start the message with Dear Sir / Madam. Alas this was the case with an invitation for the European Email Marketing Conference I received from an ESP:

It’s a logical fallback from a more correct “Dear Remy”  or “Dear Mr. Bergsma” but when you give the suggestion in your message that you are trying to connect on a personal level it should be avoided that a fallback in personalization would even be necessary: all data fields used in such a message should be known about someone. When all data is known the message is actually personalized and doesn’t contradict itself in the first few lines already.
Bonus tip: even with such invitations don’t forget to include an unsubscribe option: it was missing from this message.

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