Ongage: improving micro-deliverability to maximize inbox placement

Recently Ongage announced a new solution to maximize inbox placement using multiple ESPs. The overall reputation of an ESP can be very good (upwards of 95%) but certain domain reputation can be better with one, and other domain reputation better with the other.
Ongage now offers the option (called OngageConnect) to send through multiple ESPs, therefor maximizing inbox placement.
A quote from the solution page:

This technology provides marketers the ability to leverage the combined strengths of multiple ESPs, and offers them the freedom and flexibility to select the best matching and performing ESP, for each geographic region, recipient domain (,,,,, etc.), campaign and segment.

It sounds pretty cool, but Joshua Baer wrote on that he’s not too sure about the service. He’s all for innovation and improving list performance, but believes this should be about the sender’s reputation, not the ESP’s reputation. He’s also afraid of spammers abusing the service. TechCrunch wrote about it as well.
Here’s a screenshot of the ESP report in the interface of OngageConnect:
The profit calculator shows the following:
The answer to the above profit percentage after using the service: “It depends.” When you already have a good list and are not a high-volume, many domains sender, this service would probably be overkill.
However, as I understand it, the service looks interesting to say the least and might be a nice innovation in the email marketing industry: let’s hope it will be a good tool for email marketers trying to maximize inbox placement. This, of course, after they made sure the message is actually relevant to the receiver…

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