Movable Ink launches agileEMAIL email marketing platform

Movable Ink, the email marketing company behind real-time email content, has launched a new platform. It’s an email marketing platform called agileEMAIL. Its promise: responsive, relevant and real-time email. The platform overview document can be downloaded on the Movable Ink website here.
Key features of the new agileEMAIL email marketing platform:
– import design, convert it to bulletproof HTML email template within minutes
– view, edit elements, export final html templates
– multi-variate testing with auto-selecting winners
– target based on time, location, device, weather and other dynamic contexts
– pull in streaming content from public or authenticated websites through RSS feeds or API calls
– analytics show how time, location and device impact and influence email marketing engagement and results
– cross-channel engagement and conversion tracking
– real-time campaign performance statistics and analytics
Read more about the platform on the product page here.
Back in 2011, I interviewed Movable Ink founder Vivek Sharma: you can read the whole interview here. Movable Ink was just a startup back then, but in the past few years they’ve grown fast in the field of live email content. Now they are introducing their own email marketing platform agileEMAIL: I’m sure it will see a lot of interest from companies eager to use such technology. Movable Ink’s platform will not be for everyone: companies who communicate in a more traditional way, but still do email marketing well, may not have a need for such things as device, location and weather dependant content.
However, I can think of many companies marketing to consumer who can see big benefits from implementing such features: when done well it can mean the difference between a ‘meh’ email campaign and a ‘wow’ email campaign. Remember: if it’s relevant and timely for the receiver, he will engage much more quickly with it than when it’s not the case.


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