Millenials love email promotions, social not so much, according to research

According to new reseach by RapidCampaign millenials love email promotions. Social is actually not so hot for that type of communications.
rapidcampaign-research-brands-we-love-email-promotionsThe research report, which is called ‘Brands we love versus brands we buy’, focuses on ecommerce and how the purchase journey has evolved. In total, 2,000 consumers in the UK were interviewed for the research.
Questions posed in the research included why promotions drive sales, which promotions we love and what promotions we buy.
Key findings include the following:

  • Email is king.  three quarters (76%) of the population really do want offers and email promotions in their inbox. It might not be the newest kid on the block, but email marketing is still the favourite way of hearing about promotions for most shoppers.
  • Integrate promotions on your website. a third of consumers (34%) want to be able to find your promotion there, so integrate your campaigns with your actual online shop.
  • The power of social media. Even though email is preferred for offers and promotions, social media, especially Facebook, can leverage ecommerce promotions.

If you are focusing on social media more than email promotions for your ecommerce business, you might want to rethink that strategy.
Read more about the research at the RapidCampaign blog.


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