MarketingSherpa survey: consumers prefer promotions via email

American consumers prefer to receive promotional messages via email. That’s the result of a MarketingSherpa survey.
Quoting from the MarketingSherpa survey press release:

More than seven in 10 (72 percent) U.S. adults indicate a preference for companies to communicate with them via email followed by postal mail (48 percent), TV ads (34 percent), print media (e.g., newspapers, magazines) (31 percent), text message (19 percent), social media and in-person conversation/consultation (both at 17 percent).

Social media has been touted for quite a few years as -the- channel to promote your brand to consumers, but now it seems like it’s rather the opposite. Social media is at the lowest preference point with 17 percent of surveyed consumers naming it their prefered channel, while email received a 72 percent vote of endorsement.
marketingsherpa-survey-logoWhen it comes to frequency, there’s good news for email marketing people as well. If you’re sending out daily email campaigns, you win the hearts of 15 percent of Americans: they would like to hear from you daily. Other frequency preferences:  86 percent would like to receive promo emails at least monthly and 61 percent at least weekly.
If you are in ecommerce and do email marketing, then there’s more good news.
Eighty-eight percent of those who have ever left an item in an online shopping cart have received an email reminding them of the abandoned shopping cart.
Half of those who ever left an item in an online shopping cart (51 percent) find the reminders helpful with six percent saying they always complete the purchase after receiving the reminder, seven percent say they always complete the purchase after receiving a reminder if there is a discount in the email, 12 percent report they occasionally complete the purchase after receiving a reminder, 10 percent occasionally complete the purchase if there is a discount and 17 percent say even though reminders are helpful, they do not affect their decision to purchase. However, nearly two in five (38 percent) say reminder emails are annoying.
This survey was conducted online within the United States from January 21-23, 2015 among 2,057 adults ages 18 and older.
You can find the full press release on the MarketingSherpa survey here.

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