MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report: test, a lot

The interviews for the MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report have shown that there is no ‘best day’ to send out email. Rather, you should be testing your email marketing campaigns as thorough as possible.
This is concluded by David Kirkpatrick on the MarketingSherpa blog. The chart below shows that the days in the middle week were the most effective for marketers to send out their email campaigns:
However, as David notes in his article, one of the marketing team leaders he interviewed told him their best result (open rate, in this case) turned out to come from a Sunday 7AM-9AM send time. This contradicts the chart with the survey results posted above. Also worth a read on the same blog, a post from earlier in August: Email Marketing: Unique send times for micro-personalization [Video]
The only right answer that can be given to the question ‘When is the best send time / day for my email campaign?’ is to test what works, and also what doesn’t work.
The fun answer I sometimes give to people who ask me that question is ‘when the chances are highest that someone will engage with your email’. However, it holds a true point: if you send out your email marketing campaign while people are already flooded in email, then it won’t get much attention, if at all! But when it lands in the inbox at the people have a moment to spend time on it, chances are a lot bigger they will give the email the attention it needs (from your perspective).


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