MailChimp release v8: Multi-User Accounts and Permissions

MailChimp has announced a new release on their blog: release v8 to be exact. It’s a major release that includes a long-awaited big feature: multi-user accounts. These multi-user accounts allow an admin to handle permissions for other types of users.
Here are the four permission levels:

  • Admin: Highest level access to everything in MailChimp. Most importantly: account settings, billing info, the ability to shut down the account, and the ability to add other user types.
  • Manager: Most of the essential functions of a MailChimp account (creating campaigns, viewing lists and reports). Basically, managers can’t access account settings, change billing, export lists, or invite other users.
  • Author: Can create campaigns and edit templates, but cannot send them. You might give this access to an in-house designer or writer, or even to an outside design agency.
  • Viewer: Only has the ability to view campaign reports. Grant this to someone in the company who needs to see campaign results, but doesn’t need to be creating campaigns or fiddling with lists. If you used our VIP Reports feature in the past, you could invite people as Viewers instead, so you don’t have to share reports each time you send a campaign.

Ben notes in his blog post that a lot of feedback has been gathered over time about user-levels and permissions, and that this has been rolled into this release in the most workable way for the end-user.
Other features that will be released next week include the following:
– Multi-account login (selecting the account and type of login to use)
– Switching accounts after being logged in
– Authors can send a message when their campaign is ready to be sent out
– Security controls for admins
– inviting new users to join an account
– account keys to be converted to admin-level users
This and a few more features/changes will be included. To read the full story, head over to the MailChimp blog.

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