MailChimp updates app navigation

MailChimp updates its app navigation. The new interface has started to roll out in the past few days. The fact that MailChimp updates its app interface are a result of progessive insights. In this case, it’s about the navigation patterns. The side bar has been updated with extra links, and scroll bars have been added for smaller devices.
However, when it came to the search option, it got hidden, sometimes even too well. The MailChimp marketing site navigation has been used as a source of inspiration to solve that problem.
What it looked like before:
The result after the update:
The new interface will be available to all MailChimp users in a few days. Users can switch between the old and the new interface to slowly get used to it. However, from February second, it’s final: the new interface will be the one for everyone.
Read the full blog article with details about the interface changes on the MailChimp blog here.

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