Mailchimp introduces ReplyTo, handles auto-replies for you

The team over at MailChimp introduces ReplyTo: an app to handle auto-replies which land by the thousands in the inbox linked to your newsletter reply-to address.
The service is free to all, regardless of whether you’re a MailChimp client or not. The way the service works is that it analyzes all the replies that come in, and forwards those that fit certain rules that have been set up. The other replies like standard out-of-office replies will sit in the inbox where everything lands.
From the start, ReplyTo comes with a set of default rules: these include ignoring basic auto-replies, soft bounces and disregarding challenge-response (are you human?) email.

If you are a MailChimp client, ReplyTo will be able to handle the following:
– Automatically update email address change notifications
– Process unsubscribe requests
– Forward emails from VIPs (Golden Monkeys)
– 4 or 5 star members (very engaged members on your list)
Read the full blog post here on the MailChimp blog which includes an explanation on how to make custom rules.

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