Lyris introduces new marketing automation platform called Lyris ONE

email_marketing_lyris_oneLyris, the US marketing automation service provider, has launched a new platform called Lyris ONE. The all caps ONE in the name supposedly means that it all integrates into ‘one’ channel, this is also described in the product description from the product page:

Lyris ONE is the first solution to natively integrate deep behavioral analytics with real-time data processing to provide marketers with actionable insights that optimize targeting, messaging, and campaign performance.

The product tour video gives more insight into the platform:

The product datasheet also tells more about the benefits and key features, which include the following:
– Email, social and landing page campaign management & tracking
– Interactive dashboards, behavioral / online campaign tracking
– Several types of integration (CRM, Analytics, ERP)
– Intelligent campaign designer
– Extensive marketing automation
It seems the Lyris ONE marketing automation platform is meant for more real-time, big data campaigns geared towards behavioral targeting compared to the Lyris HQ platform. This comes from the fact that there is a specific set of features geared towards acting on big data and handling campaign automation with the intelligent campaign designer. The platform resembles an ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform which, in this case, will be used to manage online marketing campaigns.
The move towards marketing automation is getting clearer on both vendor and marketer sides: there are more channels to manage, shorter lifespans of products and attention spans of consumers and besides: the rise of mobile platforms needs a more tailored approached in type, timing and content of messaging as well.
It also signals a change at Lyris, which began two years ago: the number of employees almost halved from 292 to 165 and quite some products were either shut down or transformed / merged into other products.
A quote from the MediaPost article about Lyris ONE:

As the marketing front office becomes the next frontier for enterprise software, building ERP platforms for multichannel digital advertising and making the data available to marketers is an alternative to silos. “Marketers are a little afraid of owning data projects, but they need the information to target,” Lustberg said.

You can read the official press release on the Lyris website.

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