Litmus Community launched

The people over at Litmus have launched Litmus Community. It is meant for all Litmus users to discuss email marketing design related things, as well as post code questions.
A learning center is available as well in the Litmus Community. It contains articles about email clients, email design, email coding and email marketing strategy-related things.
The welcome page of the Litmus Comunity looks like this:
The learning center main page, with subjects below:
Discussions posted in the Litmus Community can be upvoted, and separate comments in discussions can be upvoted as well. This way, with big discussions, the most important or relevant comments will be posted on top. You can toggle the discussion view however, to view most recent comments instead of highest voted.
There aren’t many email marketing communities out there run by companies. Most email marketing communities are tucked away in LinkedIn Groups, have their discussions on social media or exist in invite-only form like Only Influencers. With the Litmus Community, I think Litmus has made a step in the right direction combining the power of the knowledge available both internally in the company, as well as with its users.
The reason Litmus has launched the community is because email marketing is hard. As they note in the blog post announcing the community, sharing information and knowledge helps everyone do email marketing better. Whether it’s deliverability, design, coding or whatnot, many subjects have many questions and issues.
The community not only serves up its own discussions and resources for learning. It also refers to knowledge articles and blog posts on other websites. This makes it a great starting point to investigate and learn on certain subjects regarding email marketing.
I for one hope the Litmus Community will be a success: life for people involved email marketing hasn’t become easier over the years. Let’s hope with this community it will become easier, even if it’s just a little bit.


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