Listrak Recommender introduced as omnichannel personalization engine

Listrak Recommender was introduced a few days ago. Listrak has dubbed it its ‘omnichannel personalization engine’.
The new Listrak Recommender was of course announced via email:
Features noted on the product demo page include:

  • Feature product recommendations online and in email campaigns
  • Increase loyalty and retention with more targeted messaging
  • Double email revenue with personalized campaigns
  • Enjoy more control than ever before
  • Deliver personalization in real time

A screenshot of Listrak Recommender in action:
The email introducing the new product also notes the following:

77% of online shoppers make additional purchases when presented with recommended products that are personalized for them. And with Recommender, you can not only create and share these extremely relevant campaigns across all customer touchpoints, you have more control and flexibility than ever before.

The tool allows you to create blocks from templates, which in turn can be used in recipes. An example of the blocks with the recipes below them:
The recipes themselves are based on products that have been bought earlier on, remaining stock, order value and such. Listrak notes that by using their Recommender, ecommerce stores can increase their AOV (average order value) and ROI (return on investment). How it actually works in the real world is not shown on the product page however. It does note that platforms included are email, social, web and mobile.
To read more about the Listrak Recommender service, head to the product page here.

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