Checking for bad addresses: Indiemark launches BlackBox, email marketing risk management tool

Recently American email marketing company Indiemark has launched a new tool to help companies battle questionable lists. The tool is called Blackbox and it allows people to compare their own lists to a list of addresses sold on the market by list vendors. An overview from the product page:

BlackBox is a large, consolidated and constantly updated database of compromised and problematic contact records.
It is sourced from a multitude of providers and is prized by list buyers for its freshness and volume. In short, this is the database which is actively being bought, sold, and resold on the open marketplace. It consists of:

  • Legacy Compromised Data: 100-125 million records (trailing 12 months)
  • New Compromised Data: 5-10 million records (per month).
  • Toxic Data: A small but growing list of known litigators and SBL-level complainers

Each compromised record includes email address, name, zip code, and source site. Historically, 97% of which have also included full postal address, multiple IP addresses, multiple time/data stamps as well as assorted demographic information. While the toxic data set consists of primarily of emails and domains.

As such, this service can help with killing off questionable email addresses that have made their way to your or your customer’s lists without you knowing how they got there. The data is pretty extensive, so should serve as a good base line for checking lists.
For more information, check out the Blackbox product page at the Indiemark website.

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