Kickstarter email marketing: a podium for projects

Kickstarter email marketing is all about the projects. Just like Tumblr email marketing (episode two here) the email designs are quite simple yet effective. One of the advantages for the Kickstarter crew is the abundance of content at their disposal. They can just pick out projects and highlight them. By now you surely must have heard of Kickstarter, where crowd funded projects are started everyday. These include art projects like movies and such, but also nifty little things like this timelapse project for photographers.

Kickstarter email marketing: an example

The example below is just one of many Kickstarter email marketing campaigns being sent out by them. It includes highlighted projects, how to start your own project but also a promotion for their own app. It’s pretty long, but that’s also because (the email client in which I opened the email) picks out YouTube videos and shows them on top, -before- the actual email.

Kickstarter email marketing: promotional, helpful, informative

Have you noticed some things that stand out? For one, this is not the full email: I cut down the bottom a bit to show the bottom. That’s where the helpful part comes in:
– How to start a project.
– Where to find the Kickstarter app for iPhone, so you can find projects in your neighbourhood.
– A clear line about unsubscribing.
– How to find them on social networks, in this case Facebook and Twitter.
It is important to understand that there are many, many projects on Kickstarter. Currently there have been over 50,000 projects succesfully funded, with nearly $900 million total pledged by backers. See more on the Kickstarter stats page here. This makes email marketing for them a bit harder: they have to choose between many projects to promote. Then again, because of their site stats and project activity, they can find out which projects deserve to be promoted through their email marketing campaigns.
Also, when you visit their website there’s a little Easter egg involved when you look closely. If you find it, you can sign up for a special little happening.
All in all, Kickstarter is doing a great job with their email marketing program: I wonder how much of the site traffic comes from email.


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