How to use content to drive marketing ROI – Infographic

Content works best when it is shared, so it’s good news to see that an impressive number of 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared every day.
This is according to a new infographic called ‘How to use content to drive marketing ROI’ by NewsCred.
Another impressive number: every day 1.8 billion photos are uploaded and shared via various networks. Also, 500 million tweets are posted, and 700 million snapchats are sent.
This also means marketers have an ever tougher job to cut through the ‘noise’ and get their content and message out there in the wild, and drive marketing ROI.
The tips and takeaways from the How to use content to drive marketing ROI infographic:

  • Use personalized content – 70% of consumers get frustrated when content is not relevant to them
  • Get a better understanding of your audience: 17,5% of marketers don’t have enough insights that inform their content marketing strategy
  • When it comes to the effictiveness of buyer personas, only 11% said yes

One of the greatest content marketing challenges for marketers right now: understanding their audiences. This was the case for 49.33% of the marketers surveyed.
Here’s the full infographic (click for larger version):

How to use content to drive marketing ROI – Infographic

If you as a marketer are having a tough time improving ROI from the content you produce and publish, find out about your audience, fast. Use Google Analytics, surveys sent through email marketing programs and interviews with clients. There’s a wealth of information (not data!) out there that can help you a lot to determine what content needs to be made for which audience.
It’s simply to easy to say that all content should be just fine for everyone. In marketing alone there’s dozens of fields of expertise, about which people want to learn and be inspired. Think marketing automation, social media, seo, sem, email marketing, display, content creation, analytics, campaign management…and that’s just a few.
In your industry, people want to be informed and inspired as well. Line up your content to provide food for that hunger for information. You’ll see that the response and ROI will improve dramatically.


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