Emailvision is now SmartFocus

Emailvision is now SmartFocus, to better reflect what the company has to offer to the market.
Quoting Brad Wilson, CEO of SmartFocus:

Our business has evolved to the point where the name Emailvision no longer reflects the wide range of ways that we help our customers. At SmartFocus, we’re committed to delivering real-time personalized marketing across channels at each stage of the customer lifecycle.¬†This enables us to help businesses to find a smarter way to focus on and connect with their customers.

In the global email marketing industry, Emailvision, now known as SmartFocus, has grown to a cloud marketing business sending out more than 50 billion messages per year.
The message greeting you when you visit the Emailvision website:
Clients include Airbus, Brazil Hospitality Group (BHG), Clintons, Editora Globo, Elemis, European Tour, Kaspersky Lab, L’Occitane Brazil, Nuffield Health and more.
The fact that Emailvision is now SmartFocus signals a change in online marketing. Online marketing is becoming a spread out spectrum of channels for the marketer, where consumers use many touch points. Email is not the main channel or point of contact anymore. Even though it is still much loved for its high ROI, other channels like social media, online gaming and communities have become a bigger factor in the whole marketing mix.
Check out the new brand’s website here.

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