Email marketing vs social media infographic

Some people come up to me with the email marketing vs social media question and ask whether social media hasn’t totally trumped¬†email marketing yet. Actually, it hasn’t: social media delivers only limited bang for the back (in ROI-measurements) while email marketing is still the best marketing channel when it comes to making money.
However, social media has other advantages over email marketing which should not be ignored. Its directness, its interconnected relations and its openness makes it worthwhile for many people and companies to invest time and money in.
The following email marketing vs social media infographic shows some of the differences between both marketing channels. It also shows how they can complement each other, which should be the way to go.
Don’t forget that your audience is everywhere these days. It’s not just one website, their inbox and their tv anymore. It’s apps, social media, YouTube, chat apps, their inbox, games, anywhere and everywhere. Due to this fragmented way of life, less time is spent on each communications medium. This also means that your message, regardless of the medium, should be clearer than ever.
Click on the email marketing vs social media infographic for a larger, more readable version.
Details on the email marketing vs social media infographic can be found on the Emaildelivered-website here.

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