Email marketing inspiration sub-site launched by MailChimp

MailChimp has created a new sub-site at with a vertical gallery promising some email marketing inspiration with the tagline / page title ‘Look what you can do’. The page contains dozens of email marketing campaigns sent by MailChimp’s clients to promote how diverse the type of messages is that can be sent with the platform.

A sample of the email marketing campaigns posted by MailChimp on the inspiration page.

This is quite a different approach compared to what many other online (marketing) companies show: they either show features of their platform or who their clients are and what industries they are from. I touched upon this with the recent email marketing design winner: the product update email from Google Analytics. It is nice to see application and results of a platform being shown rather than features or functions.
The Google Analytics email wasn’t a sales or promotional email at all either: it was created to help users/clients get the best from the Google Analytics service. The inspiration page by MailChimp lands you on a ‘Why MailChimp’ page showing their respective reasons why you should chose their platform.
However, even though the inspiration page is a promotion of their platform in the end, the examples on the page itself click through to full size versions of the campaigns (see example), so you can get inspiration for that even if you’re not planning to become a MailChimp user / client.
At the very least the inspiration page shows how many different types of email marketing campaigns can be sent out: the standard email newsletter seems a bit bland in this context, and the page could (and should!) inspire marketers everywhere to do more with email marketing. It’s a beautiful platform to use as a marketing channel, why not sent beautiful and varied messages? After all, everyone loves beautiful design.

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