Email comic: we must be on a mailing list

Have you ever had the feeling your email address had landed on the ‘wrong’ ¬†mailing list?
These guys in this email comic have arrived on a deserted island together. Being cut off from the world, messages in bottle arrive via the sea:
Then again, even if you have subscribed yourself to the right mailing list, it sometimes feels like your being flooded with messages. While consistency and continuity is good in email marketing, you really can flood your audience. Make sure you’ll find a goldilocks zone of frequency in email marketing. That could be sending out an email campaign once a day, but it could also mean sending out email campaigns once every week or two weeks.
This frequency impacts many of your company’s processes, if email marketing is one of the core channels through which you bring in new business -and- lift existing customers to the next level. Think of sales, marketing but also content creation and customer support. When you notice both your existing customers and would-be customers are craving more input, be it inspiration, products to buy or such: be sure your organization is ready for it. Both you, your company -and- your customers can only benefit from it. After all, isn’t that the sole reason companies exist: to make their customers more succesful in business?
In this comic however, it’s a bit of an overload, so keep an eye on your email frequency: enough is enough.

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