DMA UK posts national client email report 2013

The national client email report 2013 has been announced by The DMA in the UK. The report contains the results of a survey completed by UK-based marketers.
Findings include the fact that email marketing is very important for marketers, returning a whopping 2500% ROI, or nearly £25 per pound invested. That equals to about 30 euros for 1 euro spent. Best marketing channel ever!
Furthermore, revenue from segmented emails was up a whopping 60% in 2013 compared to 2012. However, segmentations aren’t done for everything: just 38% segment for more than 6 audiences, and 11% don’t segment at all.
Also, the marketers are planning to increase their budgets for email marketing in 2014. A hefty 56% plan to do so this year. A good thing: only 25% of marketers see open and click rates as something important. ROI is now #3 priority, up from #6 in 2012.
The best performing email campaigns were, in order: regular newsletter, welcome messages and the customer survey. For boosting brand engagement, online was the best channel. However, social, direct mail and telemarketing did their part as well.
The chair of DMA UK’s benchmarking hub, James Bunting, concluded as follows:

James Bunting, chair of the DMA Email Marketing Council’s benchmarking hub, says of the report
results: “Email will be grabbing the headlines once again as it has delivered a 16% increase in ROI in
2013. This increased return can be attributed to the growth in the use of segmentation techniques,
closer integration of email with other channels such as social media and an increase in the use of
automated campaigns like welcome, birthday and abandoned cart messages. From a marketer’s
point of view automation of emails is not only highly ecient but also it gives them the time to
actually ‘market’ when it comes to email. I’m sure we’ll see this trend continuing into 2014.”

To get a hold of the national client email report 2013, head over to this page on the DMA UK website.

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