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In a recent email Litmus CEO Paul Farnell introduced Curated: a platform for collecting and curating content and then publishing it via a digest newsletter.
Curated allows for easy content collection via a bookmarklet in your browser. The advantage of this is when the time has come to send your digest newsletter, you will have several content items available to put in the newsletter.
When creating the newsletter, you can add in your own comments and opinion about a certain topic. After that, you can publish it, which creates a website with searchable backlink archives. And of course, an email campaign with the newsletter itself. According to their website, there’s no hassle with templates or email clients: they’ve done the testing and responsive work stuff for you on that account.
Examples of Curated newsletters are Weekly Revs, iOS Dev Weekly and Data Elixir.
The big advantage of curated content digest newsletters is that they are very effective. They always have high conversion rates (the Litmus announcement mentions 70% open rate and 40% click rate, which is impressive indeed). As such, it is a nice way to provide people with content they otherwise might not come across. Adding your own comments and/or opinion does help give it a bit of your own flavor.
Litmus notified its audience because it invested financially in Curated. Paul Farnell notes:

As far as Litmus’ financial involvement, it’s our way of supporting interesting companies in the email space. Look for more like this in the future.

Curated is the second company that Litmus has invested in. The first one was PutsMail, which we reported on back in 2013. PutsMail is an email marketing campaign testing tool which allows you to run your HTML email campaigns through and see how it performs.

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