Campaign Monitor marketing automation now available for all

The Campaign Monitor marketing automation features have now been made available for all.
The marketing automation functionality in the Campaign Monitor platform was introduced last year in March. The Autoresponders functionality had been expanded upon to offer the new marketing automation functionality. This allowed for easier creation of workflows in the platform.
The announcement of the availability of Campaign Monitor marketing automation for everyone notes that marketers in smaller companies rarely use marketing automation. People noted that they would love to use marketing automation tools and features, yet at a cost-effective price and easy-to-use.

Campaign Monitor marketing automation: Visual Journey Designer introduced

That’s why Campaign Monitor has now introduced the all new Visual Journey Designer: its purpose is to have people apply marketing automation in the Campaign Monitor in an easy way.
campaign monitor marketing automation
The Visual Journey Designer allows for creating automated campaigns using triggers from within the Campaign Monitor platform or from third party apps. Advanced capabilities include the option to branch journeys. This can be done based on either customer interests or engagement with email content.
All the features are aimed at providing a personalized, relevant and conversion-aimed journey for contacts.
Examples from customers using the Visual Journey Designer include:

  • Sephora with special offers for contacts who have reached VIP status
  • welcoming new customers with special ticket offers
  • New car buyers receive service reminders from Nissan

The Visual Journey Designer will be available to all customers on monthly plans in the next few weeks. The advanced features that include branching and segmentation will be available to customers who have the Unlimited and Premium plans.
You can view a demo of the new marketing automation features on Vimeo here.
The full blog article detailing the new release can be found on the Campaign Monitor website here.
It’s good to see Campaign Monittor expanding its platform functionality and features. The platform has been around for more than 10 years, and in that time only the Autoresponders functionality was added.
Now that marketing automation has proven to be a very useful and efficient tool for email marketing when implemented correctly, more and more marketers are expecting it from the platforms they use for their marketing efforts. Campaign Monitor has responded with an elegant and easy-to-use tool: it looks like quite some customers will be happy to dig into the new features that the Visual Journey Designer brings.


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