Campaign Monitor email automation introduced

Co-founder Dave Greiner of the email marketing service provider Campaign Monitor announced the introduction of email automation on their blog. In a blog article called ‘Beyond the newsletter: introducing email automation‘ he notes that Campaign Monitor’s Autoresponders have been expanded upon, on the request of its clients.
Campaign Monitor email automation is now available as a core feature in the platform. Email automation allows the user to easily create workflows for sending personalized automated emails.campaign-monitor-email-automation-introduced
The email automation feature is simply to use, yet powerful in application.
The navigation has been updated as well. The Create & Send tab and Reports tab have now been combined into a new Campaigns tab. When logged in after the updated, you are greeted with the update screen:
And the introduction of Campaign Monitor email automation:
When selecting the Automation tab, and selecting the Get started option after that, there are four trigger options available. Those options are:

  • When someone joins a list
  • An anniversary of a date
  • A date
  • Site or blog updates

After selecting a trigger, you can name the workflow and select a list the workflow should apply to.
For more information about the new Campaign Monitor email automation functionality, head over to their blog.

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