Barnes & Noble: unsubscribe niceness

An unsubscribe is never nice: it’s like breaking up a relationship. The way some companies facilitate the unsubscribe process however sometimes makes it quite cumbersome: you either have to login to unsubscribe, it takes two weeks to handle an unsubscribe (feels like living in the stone age…) or other situations occur that do not make it pleasant.
However, some companies do their best to make sure the process is as simple and clear as possible, and that you as the subscriber have control over what you receive and when. A while ago I wrote a post at The Email Guide about frequency and steps to achieve it: Barnes and Noble now shows how they do it. It’s called the marketing email frequency page:

They not only offer the option to choose and view several types of emails they send: you can also choose the frequency at which they send email to you, or a total optout. Very nicely facilitated, the only thing missing is when you choose to unsubscribe a mini survey where they ask why you are unsubscribing: that could give them inside in unsubscribe reasons and adjust their email program accordingly. Other than that this is a great example of a nice email frequency / unsubscribe page.


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