The art of content marketing Infographic

A content marketing infographic this time: to be exact, it’s called ‘The art of content marketing’ infographic. When it comes to content marketing, the term has been on the rise in marketing circles in recent years. However, not everyone thinks or defines the priorities and process of content marketing in the same way.
A survey from marketing software provider Percolate gives some insight into the challenges, success factors and planning faced by senior marketers.
Direct Marketing News made the colorfully creative infographic below, that sheds some light on the above and other factors. Click on the content marketing infographic to open a larger version.
One of the findings concerning the creation of content is that the speed at which it is created could be higher (31%). But right on the same 31% response rate sits collaboration with teams and partners.
Also interesting to note from the content marketing infographic above is the way senior marketers determine their audience is interested in: 31% noted performance data of past content/campaigns,  another 31% said active monitoring of social channel activity and 28% said intuition.
One important factor in determining what audiences are interested in is actually asking. What’s wrong with a preferences email, a nice survey or even a phone call? Intuition is fine and all, but when it comes to such important processes of creating content for marketing purposes, guessing won’t do it. Don’t make marketing into what Dilbert once called it: ‘That’s just liquor and guessing‘.
If you’re a marketer involved in or responsible for the creation of content in your team, what is the main challenge that comes up in the process? Does anything in the content marketing infographic above seem familiar to you? Let us know in the comments.


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