An email marketing strategy: think big, but not too big

As such, an email marketing strategy should be part of your total marketing strategy, which in turn is part of your annual business strategy. If not, schedule a meeting now with all those involved to get that set up.
After that, don’t think that email marketing is (or should be) a small part of your total marketing strategy. Don’t forget that, compared to your Facebook page or the Twitter stream, you ‘own’ the inbox: everything inside an email is yours to fill, and unlike Facebook your competitors cannot advertise in your own email message. At least, I hope that’s not the case.
Email should be part of your company showcase communications: this is what we do, this is what we are good at, get with us and life will get better. Get that message across and your business will be booming for sure.
Don’t forget to think of email marketing as a launch platform for your social media marketing efforts too: it can start new social campaigns, bring your presence in social media platforms to the attention of subscribers and even more: help give them choices on where they want to connect.
That last bit is important simply because some people don’t love email that much. They either get too much email, too much of what they don’t want (even stuff they once subscribed for is seen as spam when they don’t want it) or it takes too much time to read and send the stuff they want.
When it comes to not thinking too big, don’t forget that email can be as complex as you want it to be. Dozens of campaigns, message types and target groups can fill up your day just like that. Don’t get lost in the woods while forgetting the basics. Focus on what your marketing team can handle: there are already enough channels, so spend time and effort wisely.
Getting back to the not loving email bit: It could be that some people love to hear from you, but not just via email. Not to worry: you (should) have several other channels lined up to communicate with them. Be sure that you know what your subscribers like so you will know which channel to use: after all, email marketing is fun, but not the holy grail.


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