Adobe drops email CPM pricing to promote cross channel marketing

Is email CPM a thing of the past? In a post titled ‘No more Email CPM? Yes! We’re accelerating cross-channel marketing’, Adobe has announced that they are dropping email CPM. Email CPM (cost per thousand emails sent) is noted as being a thing of the past, as Adobe will be charging for the number of customer profiles in one’s database instead of number of emails sent.
A quote from the post:

“We’ve realized that up until now marketers have been held hostage by email CPM. They are in effect paying to talk to their own customers. After all, CPM is the main cost driver for this industry, and at a time when single channel, push-based marketing was the norm, email CPM worked just fine. But increasingly, it is an anachronism in a world that is rapidly headed towards cross-channel orchestration. ” 

In the email announcing it, they noted being the first in the industry. That’s odd, as I would expect Adobe to know the industry: there are several ESPs like Campaign Monitor, iContact and others that have a subscriber based pricing model instead of an email CPM model.
In any case, this can be good news for those who don’t have a very large list but do send out emails frequently. Depending on your list size to emails sent ratio, you can save some money here (or with other ESPs having the same pricing model). That would make sending out emails more frequently less costly, and would actually keep your subscribers more active and drive down email bounces and such. With people spending less time per email read but having more ’email check’ moments, the pricing per subscriber model might be just the thing for you. Regardless of the pricing model, all email campaigns cost money directly financially, or indirectly through time and other resources spent. Be sure to check the value of an email post here.
The news item on the Adobe featured blog can be found here. The official press release can be found here. For more information about Adobe Campaign have a look here.


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