10 marketing predictions for 2015 infographic

Marketing predictions are always fun. As 2015 has been underway for nearly a month now, let’s look at what was predicted in 2014: here’s the 10 marketing predictions for 2015 in an infographic.
For a quick glance, here’s all 10 marketing predictions summarized.

10 marketing predictions for 2015

  1. Continued rise in popularity of content marketing
  2. Smarter and increased use of marketing data
  3. Increase in marketing noise
  4. Decrease in guest posting
  5. Adoption of video
  6. Increase in marketing software acquisitions
  7. Personalization
  8. Micro targeting and hyper-segmentation
  9. Increased focus on mobile
  10. Increased online ad spend

Have any of the above already shown to become a reality in 2015? Congratulations, that means one (or more) of the marketing predictions for 2015 have already come true so far.
If not, don’t despair: they are just predictions, not ‘this has to happen in 2015’.
One prediction I’d like to highlight is number 9: increased focus on mobile.
With mobile becoming the biggest environment in email opens in late 2014, it cannot be ignored anymore in any marketing campaign. Anything from emails themselves to landing pages, forms, surveys and such have to be optimized for mobile devices. Be it tablets, smartphones of even wearables: their increased market penetration means a more diverse display and marketing landscape.
The 10 marketing predictions infographic can be found below:
If you made your own marketing predictions for 2015, have they already come true already? Or does the year need to be further along to be able to answer that. If you have any predictions to share with us, please let us know in the comments.
Also, which prediction of the 10 listed above do you think has the greatest chance of coming true in 2015? Maybe it’s one that was already on its way in 2014.
The above infographic on 10 marketing predictions for 2015 is courtesy of Wheelhouse Brothers. More stats and info (including a larger version) can be found on their website here.

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