Skype for Windows updates with Outlook integration

Skype has updated its Windows version to include Outlook integration. The update (version 6.1) also contains a visual update to the toolbar.
Regarding the Outlook integration, the blogpost containing the description of the new features notes that people tend to spend quite some time on email, and do a lot of switching between Skype and Outlook if they use both programs. The Outlook integration includes the following features:
Skype contact information in Outlook
Contacts that are both in Skype and in Outlook now have their contact information added in Outlook.
Calling from Outlook
Also, when a Skype contact’s number(s) is/are known, they show up in Outlook and you can call them from there – it saves switching back to Skype from Outlook.
Skype contacts are also available in Outlook to call (audio), chat (im) or do a video call
The download can be found here, and the blog post announcing the new Skype 6.1 for Windows can be found here.

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