Should I send this email? Here's a way to decide

Heads up! This post is not just for email marketers but for every single one of you sending email. That means all of you! Every time you send an email, you should decide whether you should send it…or not. Until Fluent gets accessible to all (Gmail only and beta-invite for now), this is necessary.
Should I send this email? The question isn’t odd, as many people are swamped in email these days. It goes back quite a few years actually, the trend of declaring email bankruptcy. This Gawker page notes cases of people way back in 2004 (that’s 8 years ago everyone! Facebook, Twitter and such didn’t exist yet!) ¬†declaring email bankruptcy.
Here’s the top part of the walkthrough:

Click the above image to view the full image. The image includes the story of Atos (read it here), and the outcome: 20% less email. That’s quite the decrease!
Part of the image includes the decision whether you are at work or not: it could cost you your job, or at least two people (and sometimes many, when sent to a group) extra time per email sent.
Some of the questions described to follow the path to sending or not sending the email:
– Are you at work or not?
– Are you a spammer? (good one)
– Does everyone you’re CCing actually have to read it?
– Is it Friday? (this is about No Email Friday)
Also, the 3 sentence rule is posted at the bottom: if your email takes more than 3 sentences to write, a phone call or face time is better and/or more efficient.
So print out the full version of the walkthrough and ask yourself with every email you compose: Should I send this email?

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