Check out Sanebox: prevent inbox overload

sanebox_inbox_overloadEver heard about Sanebox? It is intended to make you a better emailer and prevent inbox overload.
Their explanatory blog post states the following:

 “…an average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to email, which is a whopping 28% of our work time.”

Sanebox notes that they can do something about the inbox overload. The way it works is like this:
– Unimportant, non-urgent messages are moved into a separate SaneLater folder, to be bulk-handled on a later moment.
– Because of this ‘moving email away from the inbox’, Sanebox claims to save 30 seconds per email.
– Separate summaries of those unimportant messages are sent at a specific time, so you can handle all that email on a dedicated ’email moment’.
This is just a short summary – be sure to take the tour on the Sanebox website to see all the features and options.
Some of those features involve the following to help combat inbox overload:
– Smart and simple filtering
– Follow-up reminders
– Social network refinement
– SaneBlackHole unsubscribe (1 click unsubscribe from mailing lists)
– Work anywhere (supported email: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Apple Mail, Outlook, iPhone, Android)
– Sane Attachements puts email attachements in Dropbox, replaces them with a link
– Sane Summary once a day
– Five levels of importance
You can signup for a free 14-day trial here. If No Email Day was no success, give it a try, it might just work for you. Remember, your inbox belongs to you, and you might get that inbox overload down a bit with the tips at the bottom of this post.

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