Boomerang Respondable: write better emails using A.I.

Want to write better emails? Boomerang for Gmail (Baydin), the guys behind scheduling your email in Gmail, have launched Respondable. Boomerang Respondable is a plugin for Gmail and and Outlook which applies artificial intelligence to help you write better emails.
The way it works is by predicting email replies and making suggestions on improving the email and tone.
Respondable analyzes style of writing and looks at word count, politeness, question count and subjectivity. Reading level is also included in the analysis. The plugin provides real-time feedback on your writing:
boomerang responsable ai email recommendation

Write better emails with A.I.: similar to other web plugins

When it comes to writing, this plugin is quite similar to other web plugins. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize a blog article or web page for readability and search presence (SERP – Search Engine Result Pages).
Similar to that plugin, Respondable scores your message on the probability of receiving a reply and the variety of the factors described above.
boomerang respondable write better emails
Quoting Aye Moah, Baydin chief of product on the reasons the plugin will benefit people:

“We’re excited about the prospect of using machine learning to provide actionable writing advice based on data. Historically, authors of writing style guides have not had access to large samples of data about what kind of writing is effective…Second, a lot of recent news coverage about artificial intelligence has focused on the possibilities that machines can someday replace humans. Respondable doesn’t try to write important emails on your behalf. Instead, it helps you unlock your creativity. It’s an editor that works alongside you – and one that you can and should ignore when your judgment says otherwise.”

Respondable is free to use, but its more advanced features will cost you $15 per month as it will require a subscription to Baydin’s Boomerang for Gmail’s Pro and Premium plans.
Check out the announcement on the Boomerang website here.
Use GMail or Outlook? Time to let artificial intelligence help you write better emails.
Respondable for Gmail  // Respondable for Outlook


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