New Yahoo! Mail webmail client launched

Yahoo! has launched their new Yahoo! Mail client today. None other than Yahoo!’s CEO Marissa Mayer announced the new Yahoo! Mail on the corporate Yahoo! blog, highlighting the consistent look and feel of the new webmail client across platforms.
When logging into Yahoo! Mail after yesterday for the first time, you’re greeted with a big splash screen announcing the option to upgrade:
The splash screen highlights three reasons to upgrade:

  • 2x faster* (inbox load time), easier to use email with advanced Spam protection.
  • Your emails, folders and contacts will not change.
  • It’s easy! One click upgrade and no download required.

I already thought downloads were a thing of the past with webmail, but hey, if it makes people upgrade, by all means. You still get the option to download the Yahoo! Mail apps though, here they are:
iPhone and iPod Touch
– Windows 8

Marissa Mayer’s post didn’t just highlight the consistent look and feel of the new Yahoo! Mail across platforms, but also that the development teams had speed on their mind during the redesign. Handling email should be easier and faster than ever, they promise.
The newly updated Yahoo! Mail interface should become available in the following days. Read the announcement on the official blog here.


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