Movable Ink releases US consumer device preference report Q3 2013

A US consumer device preference report for Q3 2013 has been released by Movable Ink, the live email content company from New York. The report provides details on the following:

  • The growing role that tablets are playing in the mobile shift
  • The latest in the battle between iOS and Android
  • Differences in email engagement across smartphones, desktops, and tablets
  • Geographic variances in smartphone adoption

Some of the findings include the fact that 61% of emails were opened on a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones alone accounted for 45% of all opens. When it comes to the type of device used, the iPhone (36%) and iPad (14%) led the ranks ahead of Android devices (9%). When it comes to read length though, Android was ahead with largest portion of people having a read length of over 15+ seconds.
The report can be downloaded on the Movable Ink website here.
With people busy using mobile devices more and more, the desktop is becoming a thing left to the classic office spaces. Email is being read on more devices than ever before, however time spent per email is down. People are having trouble focusing on one single thing for longer than a few seconds: their attention spans are getting ever so shorter. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to the email marketing industry. The challenge is to grab their attention fast (but be sure to be original too), but not bore them. The opportunity is that email campaigns can be thinner, i.e. more spread out with less content per message.
This way the receiver of that email campaign can take in the message in their ever so shorter attention spans, thus making the marketer a happy person. It does however pose another challenge: how is a marketer going to explain something that’s a bit complex in a single short message?

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