Microsoft rebrands Hotmail service to

If you’ve logged into your Hotmail account in the past few hours, chances are you’ve been greeted with a message from the Outlook Team noting that the service has been renamed to
As an existing Hotmail user you have the option to get an email address, while the original Hotmail address email will still be delivered in your inbox.
Some of the highlights of the new service include the following:
Office and SkyDrive: comes with free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built-in, plus 7 GB of free cloud storage with SkyDrive for sharing photos, videos, or other large files without huge attachments.

In you can view and edit Office files

Specific photo emails can be sent from the new service

7GB of free storage is provided through the SkyDrive service

Social connectivity: With, your conversations are richer with photos, updates, and Tweets from Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Your address book also automatically stays updated with your contacts from Facebook and Twitter.
Contact details appear from social networks in the right hand pane

outlook_com_social_people_address_book address book is updated with contact info from social networks Facebook and Twitter

Chat with other people from the inbox

Clean inboxes:’s streamlined inbox is, of course, great at handling spam. Even better, lets you get through your inbox with fewer clicks. It has simple, automated tools for sweeping out the newsletters and daily deals messages you don’t want.
Filter your email in

Schedule cleanups of your inbox

Categorize email in the inbox

After 16 years of Hotmail, the brand is moved out in favor of Microsoft’s business email brand Outlook in the form of
What difference will this make for email marketers?
You might expect a new service, new render engine change: but that is not the case. will still use the same render engine used by Hotmail, so no changes there.
Changes include the following:

  • Email marketing pros will see addresses appear in their lists soon.
  • Because of the above, the portion of addresses will shrink as people switch.
  • Unsubscribes include automatic blocking: resending to an address that has been unsubscribed means that any following email marketing messages  from that same source will be moved to the Trash.
  • Social network integration means the opportunity to run specific social email campaigns to have people share cool content with their contacts.
  • Ads will be served based on keywords in commercial emails: in personal emails other ads will be served. This way Microsoft will not become ‘the Gmail man‘. Microsoft will be running advertising on your advertising, in this case.

Just a month ago, Gmail became the biggest online webmail service with 425 million users: we’ll keep an eye on the new service to see if it will be able to improve the reputation Microsoft had with Hotmail and bring back users to its webmail service.
All info from the preview website can be found here. The Outlook Blog has an article describing the new service here.
RIP Hotmail 1996 – 2012: it’s been fun.

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