IBM Mail Next: the next gen webmail client

Recently at the IBM Connect event in Florida, the new IBM Mail Next webmail client was launched. The new webmail client seems to have all the ingredients to become a much loved place to handle email.
First up, it’s touch enabled, which means when you’re on a smartphone or tablet, you can use gestures like hover to navigate through the interface:
Furthermore, analytics is built in to have employees focus on tasks that need to be done first, or need attention in general. IBM Mail Next will be available via the cloud, or on premises.
It is also rumored that, because of the large potential of IBM Mail Next, Lotus as a brand will be archived and IBM Connections will be put forward as brand name.
When it comes to email clients, this dashboard-style, social approach of IBM Mail Next is a fresh way to look at handling email, focusing more on the people and tasks rather than a list of emails in an inbox overview.

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