Hotmail accounts all switching to by this summer

Microsoft has noted on the official Outlook Blog that all current Hotmail accounts that have not switched to yet will be upgraded by this summer.
In the past six months since its introduction, has grown to an impressive amount of 60 million people actively using the webmail client.
The blog post further notes that the team had a certain vision for the new client:

  • Delivering a beautiful, fresh and intuitive experience on modern browsers and devices
  • Keeping people connected to their friends and co-workers across the networks they really use
  • Providing a smart and powerful inbox to handle today’s email needs, including SkyDrive for sharing virtually anything in a single email
  • Putting people in control by prioritizing their privacy

The team has been happy to see people connect their accounts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as receiving feedback on getting fewer ads and see them replaced with updates from the aforementioned social networks.

Another interesting bit is about the typical inbox contents: about 80% of that inbox consists of newsletters and commercial email, quite a large portion! To keep inboxes manageable, the Sweep function (cleaning up old(er) messages automatically) is noted to be well used and well received by users.
If you haven’t upgraded your Hotmail account to yet, you now know it will happen automatically by this summer. The old Hotmail served us well all those years, right?
Read the full post with more details on the Outlook Blog here.

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